Brand Development

Create an experience.

Your brand is more than a product or a service. It's an experience for your consumer. Marketing plays a key role, ensuring that the promotional message that reaches your target is on par wit your brand's look and feel.

HOGO has expertise working with brands to build, launch, re-launch, or re-engineer themselves for new markets, specifically those within Asia. In addition to overall marketing operations, we understand what makes a brand successful and strive to inspire in all that we create.

Brand Assets

Ensuring your brand assets will speak to your target audience is key. From logos to brand guidelines, we'll ensure that all assets meet your specific brand standards.

HOGO excels in the development of such assets, including re-developing assets for brands seeking a re-fresh, integrated with a channel strategy to ensure maximum exposure for the brand launch (or re-launch).

Channel Strategy

Prior to launching in any new market, understanding of channels is required. HOGO works in a variety of markets throughout Asia and understand the ability to successfully promote your brand online and offline in each.

China (PRC) is a particular market HOGO understands in depth. Both online and offline channels differ greatly from the generally known international ones, as do the ways you convey your message to the audience.

HOGO can assist in the development of channel strategies, both online and offline, for your brand in Asia.


Read any marketing publication, you'll often seen case studies of what not to do when entering a new market. Localization is key, not only to the channel delivery but the message and sometimes even the product or service itself.

With localized teams based throughout key markets in Asia, HOGO has a team of marketers available to consult who truly understand the local nuances of each geographic location. Extend your marketing team's reach and understanding, allowing us to partner and work alongside your existing teams to strategize new market penetration.