WMi Desk

Highly targeted advertising.

Performance-based metrics.

Never miss your KPIs again.

Launch ad campaigns on HOGO’s agency platform, the WMi Desk. Featuring a global network for digital ad buy (non-China), the platform includes global media networks such as Google and Yahoo!, while also allowing for highly targeted campaigns and retargeting to ensure a successful ROI. HOGO’s tracking capabilities include mesurement based on performance, ensuring a healthy COS % for digital media campaigns.

How does it work?

HOGO will develop a media plan based on a clients budget, target markets and expected returns. This plan will include the expected channels, as well as detailed targeting opportunities for the highest potential return.

HOGO will then work to install required tracking pixels on to the customers website, including across the entire flow of pages (including up to the check out page for eCommere sites, or form completion pages for lead-based campaigns). This will allow HOGO to optimize campaigns based on actual performance rather than only basic website analytics.

Campaigns in the hospitality and tourism industry will enjoy connectivity with a variety of third party integrations, including but not limited to airline booking engines, online travel agencies and more. Contact us directly for more information on specific integrations based on your KPIs.

Start optimizing campaigns based on real-time performance and never miss your KPI’s again!

What KPIs can I measure?

Performance Based KPIs

  • Bookings
  • Revenue
  • Leads
  • Cost Per Booking  / ROI / Cost Per Lead

Brading Based KPIs

  • Clicks
  • Website Traffic
  • Completed Views
  • CTR / CPC / CPA / CPCV / CPC
Mandatory Parameters
  • 70% + Viewability
  • Ensure brand safe environment (double verify)
  • Blocking fraudulant traffic (bot traffic)
Behavioral Targeting
  • 3rd Party audiences relevant to brand guidelines
  • 3rd Party combined audiences created by HOGO
  • Affinity & In-Market Google audiences
  • Custom Intent and Custom Affinity audiencese
  • Geography, date/time, and standard demographics
  • Searches not ending in conversions
  • Travel researchers (including select OTA data)
  • Import CRM data (email lists) to serve specific ads
  • Serve new ad creative to keep campaign fresh
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Contextual Targeting
  • Target on-site keywords searches
  • Target categorical websites
  • Environment, Language, Device & browser target