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WeChat (Weixin) is key to building your brand in the China marketplace. With ever-changing regulations, requirements and rules, let HOGO help build and manage your presence on the channel including the development of an official (in-market) branded account, paid advertising placements and more. Our team will help you prepare the required documentation for official account setup, as well as work to build and optimize content while driving new followers with highly targeted advertising campaigns.

Weixin Official Accounts

Launching WeChat International Accounts as the only option for non-China companies is now a thing of the past, as is working with third party proxies. HOGO will work with your brand to launch an official Weixin account, in-market inside China using your international registration. This includes guiding you through required documentation, adjustments to website content and more. Upon approval of this official account, in addition to reaching Weixin users inside China, you will enjoy access to:

  • Weixin Ad Platform
  • Mini programs
  • WeChat Pay API capabilities
  • Advanced reporting and more
Content & Community Management

Upon launching your official presence on Weixin, allow HOGO to manage your ongoing content including copywriting, image and video development. Build out promotional and campaign landing pages to attract new users and interact with clients. Build your own in-platform store and connect with WeChat pay to open up mobile commerce options throughout China for your products.

Advertising Campaigns

Develeop ads across the platform targeting your specific audiences to build engagement and brand equity within the Weixin ecosystem. Run campagins across Moments as well as Click to Follow and other campaign-focused advertising types to stimulate awareness and drive ROI on your branded Weixin page.

KOL Marketing

Work with Chinese key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the developement of your brand and product line. Allow HOGO to facilitate with KOLs in China, including liasing with required agenies to connect you brand to relevant opinion leaders. Work together with KOLs to cross promote your Weixin presnce and grow your brand and overall following on the platform.

Official Weixin Account
  • Launch official account as non-China business
  • Access to advertising, WeChat pay
  • Guidance through registration process
  • Register under your own firm; not a proxy
Account & Content Management
  • Copywriting
  • Video and banner development
  • Campaign creation
  • Community management
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Channel Advertising
  • Banner Ads
  • Click to Follow Ads
  • WeChat Moments Ads
  • WeChat Overseas Ads