WeChat Weixin Marketing Agency

WeChat (Weixin) Marketing Suite

Launch your brand on WeChat including the development of an official Weixin account (including for non-China companies). Develop content, run ads to build your following, integrate WeChat Pay (mCommerce) and integrate Chinese KOL’s to help promote your brand to Chinese consumers.

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Programatic Ad Platform - International

HOGO utilizes a an agency platform “WMi Desk” for management of programtic ad buys online. This service integrats across key global media platforms (Google, Yahoo! others) and allows clients to run campaigns based on cost of sale (COS) with 70% guarateed viewability across all channels.

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Programatic Ad Platform - China

Run programatic ad buys in China with HOGO’s solution BiddingX, allowing your company to integrate with data points in the travel and tourism sector (such as CTrip and other OTA data) to guarantee precision in targeting. This also includes the ability to integrate with China Union Pay data.

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Client Services Project Management

Enjoy full insight and transparency across projects, including timlines, status and more. A real-time WIP using the latest in project management software, HOGO allows clients to integrate with the team, including the ability to add new tasks, adjust dates and manage workflow directly with agency team members.

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Marketing Agency IR Asia
cms for marketers

HOGO Content Management System (CMS)

Developed with both marketers and web developers in mind, our proprietary HOGO CMS utilizes the latest web technologies including React and NodeJS. Enjoy a seamless and speedy experience when managing your content, making it easy for both marketing and IT professionals to manage and adjust your site.